20 something.
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People don’t like complex things. Like a ball which simply bounces up and down and rolls around is a crowd favorite as opposed to a rubik’s cube, which a few covet.

Simplicity is an art.

As a visual communicator, I have spent many hours trying to say something simply through a visual, because the easiest way to say anything is to say it via a lot. We tend to clutter. As designers and people too.

I love simplicity because it forces one to accept what is. Not what was and what could be. But simply what is in front of one. As deiter ram’s designs have proven, simplicity in structure and visual aesthetic survives decades of changes. For the simple reason that we as humans prefer the ball as compared to a rubik’s cube.

There is a certain inherent joy in designing something simple that does the job. Sure we live in the times of excess an example being the chair which has fallen prey to numerous design overhauls while forgetting the basic function of sitting.

As people too, we are too caught up with ourselves. And in the petty ideas of holding onto the past. If we can’t touch tomorrow, then why do we let tomorrow’s touch us. This complex Web of overnight thoughts and feelings and ideas keeps us from the moment we are in. One must learn to be in the moment, make the most of it. Aim for simplicity in it.

Once, we as people are simple. The magnitude of problems facing us and the solutions will be simple too. A simple life should be our goal within the peripherals of materialism that beseech us in the 21st century.